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We work with a broad range of clients who need our expertise and enjoy a collaborative effort. Our relationship with our clients is characterized by active and continuous principal involvement, responsiveness, and responsibility.

We have guided our clients through hundreds of projects of varying scale and scope, always paying close attention to client vision and design, budgets, schedules and context.

3D Studio
Academia Moderna
Alliance for College Ready Schools
Jeff Armant
Arts in Action Commmunity Charter School
AV Land Group, LLC
Bainbridge Group
Amir Bienstock
Bjorn Eyewear
Lynn Bolton and Hans Schluter
Bouma Construction
Bright Star Schools
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
Carmel Partners
CHAMPS Charter High School
Chime Institute
Chongqing Cross Ocean Property Development Co.
CIM Group + Westfield Corporation
City of Calabasas
City of Fresno
City of Jyvaskyla
City of Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles Pro Bono
City of Glendale
City of San Jose Art and Light Events Council
City of Santa Monica / Macerich
ClubCorp / KSL Capital
The COOP Company
Riberia Desarrollos
C.W. Driver
East Los Angeles Community College
Eastern Shore Seafood, Inc.
Egyptian Museum Competition Committee
El Pueblo
Entertainment Development Goup, Inc.
Free Trade Zone Authority, Dubai
Frel, SA
Fullerton Redevelopment Agency
Gold TAK Land
Government of Nequen Province
Green Dot Public Schools
Grupon Alcon
Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art
Hillwood Development Company
Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital
Interlace Media
Ivy Academia
JPI Management
KIPP Knowledge is Power Program
Landev, LLC

Gary Lord
Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise
Los Angeles Leadership Academy
Marina City Club
Mass Equity
Matrix Spencer
Norvel and Shelley McDonald
Tom Mercurio
Miyamoto International
Morris Architects
Neinver, S.A.
New Millennium Secondary School
Newmark Merrill
Doug Oleff
Opportunities Unlimited
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
P2 Capital Group
Pacific Charter Schools Development
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Para los Ninos
Port of Los Angeles
George Prajin
Prime Ed
Pro Bono
Raleigh Studios
RCMI Corp.
Red Bull GmbH
Rocklin Academy
Roll Properties International
Bernard Rosenson
San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
Robert Schuhsler
Craig Scott
Sign of the Dove
Silverado Canyon Partners
Sister Mary Leah Plante
The Sisters of Social Service
Sky Room
Spotlight 29 Casino
Springs International
Sung Do
Synergy Academy
Tamara Management, LLC
TKTS Competition Committee
Dick and Virginia Tynan
Ugo Cafe
Urban International
Valor Academy
Visages, rps
Walt Disney Co.
Walt Disney Imagineering
Westfield Corporation
Wired 4 Art
Z-MuZic Group, Inc.